How long will we let the experiment run Mrs. Gates?

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Mark makes a good catch in a Mrs. Bill Vax Gates interview-more like a signal, since articles are easily edited.

That’s still very far-fetched today. You don’t get herd immunity until you have a huge percent of your population that has had the disease. We know that from all the diseases in the past that humans have had. So no, we’re still a long way from herd immunity. And you can’t count on that because a lot of people are going to die in the meantime if you let the experiment run [ahem, I mean…]

People should be asking why we should even care about the medical opinions of rich (actor) billionaires.

Melinda Gates Calls Coronavirus “The Experiment”…

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2 years ago

Bill Gates also used the term “the experiment” and repeatedly referred to “the simulation” in his 8 April interview with the Financial Times (London). Of the martial law “lockdowns”, Gates added.. “There will be the ability, particularly in rich countries, to open up if things are done well over the next few months. But for the world at large, normalcy only returns when we’ve largely vaccinated the entire global population. “ Gates – the cybernetic globalist – as cold-blooded a reptilian as they come.… Interesting that Gates is homing in on the “rich countries”; nations subject today to the… Read more »

2 years ago

Thanks for the link AB. The author of the piece is Fauxlex.