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Some feedback is great!

Guys, this is the SINGLE BEST PODCAST on this boogie virus…EVER!

Tim Ozman, you don’t know me (other than recently shipping me a press pass…just joined as a supporter), but Ab does I go way back with Ab…and hopefully he will attest I have a pretty discerning mind.

This podcast between MY TWO FAVORITE THINKERS is pure truth-gold. It’s 4am and I’ve already listened to it twice throughout the night. Ear candy. Wreaks of truth. It’s brilliant.

The reason for this email is that I’d like to send each of you a supplemental donation. I hate Patreon. My humble request is…can you please investigate Zelle and see if this service works for you? Makes it super-easy for others and bypasses the Patreon toll booth.

My take. This podcast rivals in importance. Please treat it as THAT special, somehow, some way.

Perhaps have someone overlay supporting graphics to it. Man, I would love to simply send this podcast (with supporting graphics) to everyone I know via a YouTube link with the message, “Turn off Netflix, go for a two-hour walk, listen to this with an open mind. It is the single most important content I’ve consumed since this whole nonsense started. If you’re a critical thinker, this will answer many questions and provide absolute freedom from manufactured fear.”

Great show, guys.


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