Fakeologist’s Coronavirushoax views as of April 16/2020

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  • Virus or whatever name you give to supra micro cellular particulate in humans are not contagious
  • Viri, like all that constitutes human beings, die outside a human body, and therefore cannot live on a bench, a path, or jump from your exhaust
  • Viri do not attack or overtake normal cells and lead them to destroy others
  • Therefore all stories surrounding viri as a weapon, created by China, Fort Detrick, or Russia are conspiracy candy
  • 5G fear is also conspiracy candy, working off human’s age old fear of new technology. What 5G can facilitate is scary, that is uninterrupted connectivity that can track you down to the foot – provided you carry a connected device (which may one day be mandatory.)
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6 thoughts on “Fakeologist’s Coronavirushoax views as of April 16/2020

  1. ab Post author

    Do I have to?

    It boils down to the germ/terrain theory.

    Firstly, in my house, when one gets a cold, it’s a myth that everyone gets it.
    Therein lies the rub – you have to stop thinking you “get” a cold.

    You get nothing. You already have everything in your body that makes up your terrain.

    You may, due to similar eating, sleeping, and atmospheric circumstances, exhibit illness due to similar degraded terrain. Your illness is therefore just coinciding with the others, due to similar stresses on your system.

    As soon as we stop thinking about being infected by a germ – as in being invaded in a war like setting, the sooner we’ll stop trying to kill the enemy with a sledgehammer approach.

    If we improve our terrain, by sleep, nutrition, and exercise, the sooner we will get better and less likely we’ll “get” an illness.

    Please note I am not a doctor.

  2. davieb

    Ab could you please explain what the common cold is?
    child comes home sick, a few days later everyone in the house has a cold
    they say it is a virus??

    1. Steven Lovett

      Ever been in a group of people and one starts yawning then a few others start yawning. Heard the saying ‘ picked up vibes’ from this or that person ? Your cells/body reacts to its environment.

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