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If true, this is a very sad story for the Fakeologist/Hoaxbuster community.

I was just checking today to see if Chris had a show this week – he missed last week’s regular Monday show as well.

His last show was #597 – episode 3-30-20.

Word has been received of the death of Christopher Ray Kendall, 51, of Lawton. Mr. Kendall passed away on Friday, April 10, 2020 in Lawton. Arrangements are under the direction of Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home.

Source: Christopher Ray Kendall | Obituaries |

As a hoaxbuster, even Chris would look for clues whether or not this was true. He would even expect scepticism.

Here’s the link to his sister’s public announcement on facebook. Here’s a gofundme. I’ve donated many times to his show – here’s your last chance if you have benefitted from his work as I have.…

Hoaxbusterscall was one of the few podcasts I’ve listened to regularly for the past 8 years.

Chris did great work exposing the lies of the media, with some pretty daring phone calls to some of the key institutions and players.

He will be missed.

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6 thoughts on “RIP

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    i hope a few of his past guests and radio personalities realise he loved his mother very much and show some respect by giving generously
    and chris wouldnt forgive me if i left without saying
    rest in peace………….

  2. ricky

    Whatever the case may be, I learned a lot and gained a valuable perspective in many areas listening to Chris over the years.

  3. Gabriel

    Wow, I cannot believe this. Not sure what to say just yet but I want to acknowledge.

    There are few people that I truly think highly of and admire, and especially someone I never talked to or met. I count Chris, our host Tim, and Markus in that category. They have all helped me become aware of the scope of this insane place and be better able to deal with it. All three have made incredible contributions to help others and expand awareness.

    If Chris is really gone it hits me close to home because we are very close on birthday in January but a year apart. I am one year older than Chris. Hard to accept the fact that this early age a lot has passed and maybe not a lot more in front of me.

    I spent many an evening and travel time listening to Chris’s show when I could catch it and recordings at other times. Chris was extraordinarily intelligent and well spoken. He was always so very well prepared for his shows. I really appreciate his talks and how he pushed the limits. Recall he had that old truck that did not need seat belts or registration I think and how the Lawton cops hassled him. He stood up to the wards of this insane asylum. His anger and frustration with it all made me stronger and want to fight as well. I recall thinking on those hot Oklahoma nights of Chris sitting in front of his loud fan sharing his insights with us.

    Is Chris really gone? I hope not. I don’t think he would have appreciated a gofundme in his honor. In any case he made a great contribution to humanity that will carry on after he is gone.

  4. watermanchris

    I had a feeling something bad might happen to him. I recently listened to his second “debate” with Logan Blake and I recalled that it was shortly after his first “debate” with him that he had his breakdown. Something about debating vegans seems to put him in a very agitated state and that’s not healthy.

    It is likely that he will be counted among the Coronavirus death toll though regardless of the actual cause of death.

    Whether he’s really dead or not, it’s unlikely we will hear from him.


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