FAC677-Goodbye Chris from Hoaxbustercall

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Blockbuster cast paying tribute to Chris.

With Geris, Ab, Exoterick, Goldenskidmark, John le Bon, Ashelloooo, Rollo, Gaia, TomD, Farcevalue

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11 thoughts on “FAC677-Goodbye Chris from Hoaxbustercall

  1. David J

    Nobody died and Nobody Got hurt this is a HOAX, SO then as I witness your false Death Witness i shall place that “death” unto your real Soul. you will own it. Repent of your false and fallen lies and False witness of “death” .

    SOme of you i thought knew better.

    List your name below as I need a correct count to those that i will place this death upon.

  2. Unreal

    Thanks to Chris Kendall for many hours of podcasting.

    Not sure when Kendall entered the Truther scene, but 597 hoax buster calls means Christopher Ray Kendall was a productive podcast host and conspiracy researcher.

    The coincidence CRK (Christopher Ray Kendall) suffered similar faith to Christ* on a widely celebrated day of crucifixion (Good Friday) is noteworthy for anyone who has a hard time with coindences or an aversion to poor press coverage & crime-scene reporting.

    Nothing reassuring therefore around Chris Kendall’s passing, be it one suspects foul play or (as me)… More media fakery*

    Death investigation
    11 Apr 2020 – The Lawton Constitution (Scott Rains/Staff)

    Medical Examiner to seek cause of Friday death
    13 Apr 2020 – The Lawton Constitution (Scott Rains)

    To anyone who would to help. We set up a GoFundMe for Chris’s funeral expenses
    13 Apr 2020 – FB post (Renee Kendall Robinson)

    Funeral for Chris Kendall
    14 Apr 2020 – GoFundMe Campaign (Renee Kendall Robinson)

    Accidental death from blood loss cause of Friday death
    15 Apr 2020 – The Lawton Constitution (Scott Rains)

    Christopher Ray Kendall (Obituary)
    16 Apr 2020 – The Lawton Constitution

    Christopher Ray Kendall (Tribute)
    16 Apr 2020 – Lawton Ritter Gray Funeral Home


    * Jesus Christ was acording to scripture crucified on “good” Friday during Easter, and his final puncture wound to the side was pierced by the Spear of Destiny (holy spear, spear of Longinus) in order to be sure that he was dead

    * thanks to xileffilex for his links to articles and posts

    [ below Renee Kendall Robinson’s current FaceBook profile picture ]

    1. xileffilex

      Quick autopsy [results not known] buried April 20 allegedly
      Chris’s funeral was simple yet beautiful just like he was. It’s still unreal he’s not here I keep thinking he’s in Cali with his Best friends making music or traveling…
      From Renee

      Sister-in-law Megan makes no comment. [His brother seems to have no fb presence] Lovely happy family so it seems, Janice is close to them.

      PS Chris’ first fakeologist chat well worth listening to

  3. simonshack

    I think we all owe it to Chris to at least try and retrieve some further information as to the precise circumstances of his passing. Can someone over in the land of the brave and the home of the free please make a few phones calls (to the police / investigators/ coroner involved in the case) – or better still, pay a visit to his mother / family members and respectfully ask them how exactly Chris hurt himself in the leg so badly as to die by exsanguination? If Chris had lived in Italy I would CERTAINLY have done so. Anyone?

    Needless to say, I’m deeply saddened by his untimely demise – as I’ve always held Chris in the highest respect over the years for his valiant and ballsy truthseeking efforts. As it is, Chris was also a fellow musician, composer and a great guitarist. Some years ago, after I’d been on his Hoaxbuster show, he gave me a link to some of his own compositions. One of them was an awesome instrumental track called “Gravitron”, so I asked Chris permission to add to it some lyrics/vocals (and a few extra melodic guitar lines by my band’s lead guitarist, Fabio). I also added an intro to the song (a short excerpt from the infamous 1938 “War of the Worlds” radio hoax narrated by Orson Welles). Here’s the latest remastered version of “Gravitron” : septclues.com/AUDIO%20FILES/GR…

    Rest in “gravitational” peace, Chris! And hopefully, the news of your demise is just another silly hoax.

  4. ab Post author

    Damn this story is getting spooky. The shack looks somewhat like I imagined it would. I don’t think he ever said in the hundreds of hours I listened to him that he lived on the same property as his mother. Did he fall off a ladder and impale his leg, and lost all his blood over time because he was unconscious? The mind speculates…

    1. ab Post author

      Wow great find. Now let’s see what we can find from the SSDI. Curious how there isn’t more on how he lacerated his leg. Wouldn’t that seem to be an important part of the story?

      1. xileffilex

        The ladder photo was redolent of those images accompanying many psy-ops with a scene of crime officer [actor] in big white suit photographing a shoe. But who knows…


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