Corona fascism

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When government and corporations merge, we think of fascism.

When corporations and their messages are completely synchronized, presumably by direction of the Ministry of Truth (1984), the coordination becomes more obvious.

Thanks to regular intelligent people having access to technology, they can collate the evidence into an easy to understand counter-propaganda message.

That’s what this blog is all about, and what this glaring example is all about.

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2 thoughts on “Corona fascism

  1. ricky

    TV is the main reason we’re in this no win situation. This has shown convincingly how it slowly erodes peoples ability to think critically. It’s in all media of course but habitual TV watching is the main culprit in my experience. All my friends and family have never stopped watching TV and with only one exception all believe the “news” 100%. I stopped the TV habit ten years ago and only over time learned of how subversive it’s effects were on my thinking. The funniest thing about it is the public believes their critical thinking skills are clear as a bell, all while being led around by the nose.

  2. iseelies

    Honestly, cannot stand to turn on the TV anymore due to pausing and muting the constant bombardment of these Covid directed commercials, with exactly the same messages: Being locked in is great! Contactless living with other humans is great! We are all in this together! This is the new norm!

    It’s like the coordinated newscasts – same wording, just different puppets!

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