Everything’s in the WHO manual

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If you want to know what’s going on, you’ve got to read the recently prepared WHO manual. All good drills are prepared years in advance, and one can only imagine the quantity of training material. Of course they used Bill’s Microsoft Powerpoint for most of it.

We are in a War Games simulation exercise. The only difference is you are not being paid to be in the simulation: you’re being asked to sit out.

Your only requirement is to shut up and stay home, and call 311 when you see any of the other non-paid NPCs disobeying the rules.

Establish the basis for your response based upon country specific details, data that you have on hand such as the national response plan, as well as local laws, customs, prevention and response capacity, and other information about the country.
Consider all information you receive as true; as ‘fact’
For the purposes of the simulation, any data that you receive from facilitation team is to be considered correct, true, or ‘fact’. Please do not challenge the scenario during the course of the simulation.
Do NOT create additional fictional scenarios! Use the data presented in the simulation!
The information you will receive through-out the course of the exercise provides you with ALL the data you will need. Do not invent , figures etc. unless asked to.

WHO webpage

Participant’s guide Download
Generic COVID-19 PowerPoint Download


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