Markus Allen on Chris Kendall’s death

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Markus and Chris were a legendary duo – and now Markus comments on the Chris Kendall death with some shocking info.

Last night, I read the news that Chris Kendall was murdered. Yep… murdered (more on this below). I knew something was wrong, because the last time Chris did his show, I was on it. And once again, it did not end well. (This was a recurring theme with Chris.) And since that show, he (once again) disappeared. Now: What I am about to say might surprise you… even anger you. Some are going to get triggered who are saddened by Chris’ sudden death. But it is my truth. And I never hold back.

Source: Chris Kendall Hoaxbusterscall

Incidentally, I tried to donate to Chris’ gofundme – but both of my credit cards didn’t go through. Anyone else try?

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1 thought on “Markus Allen on Chris Kendall’s death

  1. David J

    I am just going to state this once and then let it go as I am only trying to HELP . DO not bear false witness of Death Period for any reason whatsoever, If you do I (dave johnson) will place that death unto your Soul. you will then answer for it, I assure you of that. SO with that said. No in fact “Chris Kendall” Died in name only, THat CHAR-actor got his BURN notice. Nobody real died and Nobody really got hurt. In will do a video for my channel only on this HOAX.


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