Simon’s tribute to Chris

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I didn’t know Simon used Chris’ for a song.

Dear all,

I was dismayed to learn (through about the reported passing of Chris Kendall – due to some unspecified leg wound he apparently sustained at his home.

0;Accidental death from blood loss cause of Friday death”… … 0344c.html

You may find a few links to some further info here :… … z6K3XeHyNt

I think we all owe it to Chris to at least try and retrieve some further information as to the precise circumstances of his passing. Can someone over in the land of the brave and the home of the free please make a few phone calls (to the police / investigators/ coroner involved in the case) – or better still, pay a visit to his mother / family members and respectfully ask them how exactly Chris hurt himself in the leg so badly as to die by exsanguination? If Chris had lived in Italy I would CERTAINLY have done so. Anyone?

Needless to say, I’m deeply saddened by this untimely loss – as I’ve always held Chris in the highest respect over the years for his valiant and ballsy truthseeking efforts. Chris was, of course, one of the top researchers into the fake victims of 9/11, as he fearlessly made inquisitive phone calls to various US governmental institutions.

As it is, Chris was also a fellow musician, composer and a great guitarist. Some years ago, after I’d been on his Hoaxbuster show, he gave me a link to some of his own compositions. One of them was an awesome instrumental track called “Gravitron”, so I asked Chris permission to add to it some lyrics/vocals (and a few extra melodic guitar lines by my band’s lead guitarist, Fabio). I also added an intro to the song (a short excerpt from the infamous 1938 “War of the Worlds” radio hoax narrated by Orson Welles). Here’s the latest remastered version of “Gravitron” :

GRAVITRON:… … ix2018.mp3

Rest in 0;gravitational peace”, Chris!

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2 years ago

Yes Ab,
However let me make it clear that it wasn’t really about “Simon using Chris’ music for a song” (as you wrote). The song’s never been up for sale – and I’ve only ever posted a link to the mp3 file at Cluesforum and here at Fakeologist. It was just a fun collaboration that Chris and I thought would be appreciated by our “common” readers / listeners.…