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In the absence of details, rely on you to fill in the blanks. It makes the story more believable to you.

Notice how the police 0;force” has been anthropomorphized and does all the speaking.

No point in involving a sim or pr officer if avoidable.

Police say there are multiple victims, but would not say Sunday morning how many people were either injured or killed.…

Even tiny rural NS appears to have a military assault vehicle in its lineup.

No point in wondering how a tiny place can afford such a vehicle now that money has been declared unlimited.

Odd that there were any witnesses since even Nova Scotia needs to cower in place.

Darcy Sack, a Shubenacadie, N.S., resident, said she and her friend came across two burning police vehicles and the silver suspect vehicle while out driving on Sunday morning near Highway 102, one of the province’s main arteries.

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