HBC597: Chris Kendall’s last Hoaxbusterscall

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[Hoax Busters Call: Conspiracy or just Theory?] Call 597 – Hunker Down ? #hoaxBustersCallConspiracyOrJustTheory

I’ve uploaded Chris’ last call here.

I’ve uploaded most of his youtube videos and a growing list of his archive here.

I am trying to get more information on Chris’ death, but am leaning towards the conclusion that he did kill himself. I have had private conversation with those who kept in closer contact with him that he was quite manic after the last show, which if you listen carefully had him sounding quite agitated.

The reporter on the case has promised me he will try and get the report from the coroner.

I am re-listening to his last show now with this in mind. In the first few minutes, it becomes clear that if he did go out and 0;test” the lockdown order, he may have become manic again and gone over the edge.

This may have been Covid19’s first truth community victim. RIP if so.

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6 thoughts on “HBC597: Chris Kendall’s last Hoaxbusterscall

  1. xileffilex

    If I might interpret what has been leaked to us so we can form our own theory, , suicide by cutting the femoral artery is pretty unusual if not almost impossible.

    How I even got into this “conspeeeraceee ” realm was getting mixed up in a “suicide or murder” dichotomy, when through my own researches and investigations the third way, faked death,, was the only event which fitted the bill.

    And the coroner’s report and all the medical evidence and witnesses’ and police reports weren’t worth the paper they were written on, because they were all in on it. Then I came upon the Boston Bombing, 9/11, 7/7…. I could go on.

    That ladder….

    1. ab Post author

      The closer one is to the situation, the harder it is to see (fakery). I agree stabbing oneself to death without being in a some sort of drug induced state should be near impossible. If that’s the official story than I agree it’s hard to believe. I also agree we can’t really trust the coroners of this world as many appear to act as agents. The not knowing really aggravates, but that’s the world they’ve created for us.

      1. xileffilex

        Chris has gone and mum’s busy on her facebook posting about orphan elephants in Africa. I guess we’re all different. We all react to tragedy in different ways, just as some people laugh and joke after they’ve been run down on a bridge by a marauding SUV.

        1. willard

          It certainly appears incongruous.

          I know someone who lost her daughter to opioid overdose and her Facebook posts ground to a halt. Her last one was something about the agony of waking up each morning.


        2. ab Post author

          Elephants as grief relief. It is bizarre behaviour. I am still listening to the above call and there are clues that Chris was signing off.

      2. Unreal

        Just to briefly resume the Kendall family tree/three here:

        • Chris Kendall dies on Good Friday like Christ, from blood loss (exsanguination) like Christ
        • Renee Kendall starts GoFundMe page for mother Janice to pay her brothers funeral
        • Janice Kendall now asks friends and relations to help fund an orphan Elephant, Rhino or Giraffe

        The Kendall family appears to be paper deep with plenty of likeness to an average crisis actor family. With similar scripted, poorly documented FB lives confirmed by sub-pair press coverage from a single sub-standard newsoutlet.

        As nothing appears real about these characters lives, it is absurd to assume anything real actually has happened. Meaning no suicide, no accident, no murder – just fiction. Another Carrion.


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