W.H.O. cares about celebrities – Outrage: ‘Commie Propaganda’

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Without everyday Americans, this thing, whatever it is, will go through.

Even if this is agitprop, I like it.

Time to pick a side.

Asking for money when people are out of work for no reason is the epitome of crass.

However, many people were left unimpressed by the event, denouncing the organization’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and describing it as a form of globalist propaganda.

“If I could give I would,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “WHO lied! People died!! Let’s not forgot this!!! While we’re home given up our freedom and most of us without jobs these CELEBRITIES ask us to help raise money for the WHO?! Forget it!”

“Yes, we need useless celebrities preaching to us how this isn’t China’s fault and how we should just all live as one nation,” added another.


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3 thoughts on “W.H.O. cares about celebrities – Outrage: ‘Commie Propaganda’

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    (sarcasm ahead ) its gonna get to the stage where youll get arrested for not believing whats sold to you on t.v. and even though ive not watched for 16 years
    when that day comes ill ask for a t.v. in my cell

    fantastic work ab you hero

      1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

        no can do at the moment , your silky voice is superb as per usual my wifis sketchy , i like the art its awesome , and the timeline of corona has been covered indepth by many fakeologists ,
        all your audios have been good not much gets passed you and the xulk
        id only be repeatiing what you and others have most graciously provided
        thereby still allowing me to play star wars
        most grateful


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