At least COVID-19 dead in Nova Scotia shooting rampage: RCMP

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Nothing signals the end of one season – Covid19 will hopefully fade (and pre-written laws subsequently passed) soon – with another mass shooting!

New details of the violence and chaos of a deadly rampage in Nova Scotia emerged on Monday, as the death toll swelled to at least 19 victims and police worked at 16 crime scenes around the province – while warning the number of victims in Canada’s worst mass shooting is expected to rise further in the days to come.

Source: At least 19 dead in Nova Scotia shooting rampage: RCMP – The Globe and Mail

Jeff C finds the police car digital creation ID with some COVID bioresearch phony research.



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1 thought on “At least COVID-19 dead in Nova Scotia shooting rampage: RCMP

  1. dirtybenny

    I love Jeff C, but to me this “Celeste Solum” doesn’t pass the sniff test. Looks androgyne to me. I have not fully researched her, but from the interviews I have watched on the net, her background sounded sketchy. The website that she references is however, daunting. In my opinion, beyond the capacites of administrators and bureaucrats.…

    Anything you click on is a deeper rabbit hole in this meticulously planned-demic.

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