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Corona/coroner (one who crowns dead people for…) has made big (preplanned) changes for dead bodies here.

I am sure they’re meant to make it easier to fake and fudge death events.

It can’t be to stop contagion because even the WHO says dead bodies aren’t contagious – at least that was their story yesterday.

Ontario’s chief coroner says the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing his office to make major changes to how hospitals and funeral homes deal with the dead.

Grieving families whose loved ones die in hospital will now have just one hour to decide on a funeral home, or up to three hours if the death occurs in a long-term care home.

The hearses are going to be lined up like tow trucks outside the hospital shipping docks to catch the one hour expulsion limit. Expect fisticuffs!

No more verifying corona!

Autopsies will no longer be performed on someone who is suspected to have died from COVID-19 unless there is another factor 0;of great significance,” such as a homicide.…

Get your preplanned changes made early government agencies before we wind down this hoax!

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