Coronavirus: The Authorities ARE Telling The TRUTH

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This is the apocalypse, the revelation for those with eyes to see.

The CDC recommends we use “presumed cases” as the measuring standard for deaths: “Well, he wasn’t tested but he looks like he had the virus.” By the same logic, why don’t we use presumption to determine death itself? “Well, he looks dead!”

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5 thoughts on “Coronavirus: The Authorities ARE Telling The TRUTH

  1. ronfreeman2020

    gREAT vid and I get it but the normies will cringe towards the end with the tom hanks numerolgy angles. and reaching the normies is crucial now more than ever so they can go back to work and fly everywhere and continue polluting the world? SOrry just keeping an open mind but I liked the video and considering the endgame still unknown, their endgame, this is a needed video. As we are in a limbo of sorts and back to the devil we know is better than forward to some devil we don’t know. I mean because that’s what they’re showing: deviling, and worse then before. Rambling. Thanks JLB/FAK.

    1. John le Bon

      Thank you very much for the kind words, Ron. This video isn’t really intended for the normies, but you are right, if they make it to the second half where I go all esoteric, they won’t like it. This video is more aimed at hoax-aware people, most of my material is aimed at them these days. I see the normies as a lost cause at this point.

  2. Gabriel

    Great video Jon. You opened my eyes to the fact the government is attributing CV deaths to those that had underlying circumstances and were close to passing anyway. That is crazy and no wonder the inflated numbers. To this day I still don’t personally know a single person that has CV. I work for a global company with many of us in “hot spots” and none of us have it. How can that be for such a widely affecting sickness.

    Something I don’t think people realize is that each time the government pulls off a big psychological operation like this it has direct affects to us. Recall from 9/11 all the extra hassle to travel and going through security and screenings and even being x-rayed. Think of all the fake school shootings and the resulting laws and checks and limits from gun control. This is all ongoing and accumulating meaning that our lives will constantly be even more restricted and controlled as each new psyop and its resulting restrictions and controls are put in place.

    This CV psyop directly affects all of us. Many of my fellow Americans are out of work because of this and cannot pay their bills. Those of us able to keep working it means being stuck at home and interrupting our normal work and travel schedules. It also means the government is causing real and artificial shortages of food and other products. Long term we will be pushed to get vaccinated, chipped, and maybe even tattooed. Even with those in place these new procedures for shelter in place and social distancing will stay with us. Every time a flu or cold outbreak happens we will need to do this all over again. I want everyone to see what a huge overreaction all of this for a flu or cold and maybe nothing at all. Don’t let your mind go to thinking this is how it has to be and how it is now. Fight back.

    1. ab Post author

      The overreaction is the key to the psyop. You can’t argue because you cannot sense the virus. Checkmate.

    2. John le Bon

      Thank you for the lovely words, Gabriel.

      I also do not know a single person who has even been diagnosed with covid, let alone died from it.

      This coronavirus lockdown thing is and always was a colossal scam, that much was already obvious, but when you factor in how the authorities are openly admitting their corona death figures are bullshit, the entire narrative takes on a different hue. This is a grand revelation, in my honest opinion.


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