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Why does public enemy #1 Bill Gates always laugh when he’s interviewed?

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Why does he chortle like a mad man carrying out his ID2020vax economic collapse when he speaks about the future?

Does he realise how in danger he is when the public catches on to this lunatic?

Podcast: No Agenda
Episode: 1236: “WhoTube”
Position: 01:31:23
Link: podplayer.net/?id=103030805&#0…

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FAC681-Huge Corona

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Marathon call again.

With Beevie talks about hoaxbusterscall.co, Ab, Geris, Yourfakeis fake, Misom, JLB, Gaia, Ophallus, Ashellooo, Willose, Originalsimulant, Beautifuldudemissile, TruthIam, RollieQuaid

The Nova Scotia shooting hoax is discussed

John le Bon comes on at 5:50:00. Discussions about Columbine with Ophallus and TruthIam begin here as well.

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