FAC681-Huge Corona

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call again.

With Beevie talks about hoaxbusterscall.co, Ab, Geris, Yourfakeis fake, Misom, JLB, Gaia, Ophallus, Ashellooo, Willose, Originalsimulant, Beautifuldudemissile, TruthIam, RollieQuaid

The Nova Scotia shooting hoax is discussed

John le Bon comes on at 5:50:00. Discussions about Columbine with Ophallus and TruthIam begin here as well.

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10 thoughts on “FAC681-Huge Corona

  1. ricky

    Put it after “about,” that’s the way I see it in order of importance, I would also put “blog” before “audio/stream/radio” if anyone has hung around that far they’ll go all the way, thanks for listening.

  2. ricky

    Ab, “Essential Listening” means exactly what it implies, don’t bury it under another heading. A poll of fakeologists that have been around for awhile as to their most important audios would be helpful, interesting and revealing. I have a lot of other suggestions but I’m curious to others input.

  3. ricky

    Ab, I’ve suggested this before, it would be helpful to have a sub-section labeled “essential listening.” It would be especially good for newer people to really get what the site is all about. xileffilex has a great nomination, I would also include ep112-unreal as my “Hall of Fame” entry.

  4. feralimal

    I love fakeologist – I listen to most shows, I occassionally comment. But, ‘FAC681-Huge Corona’ was a shambles.

    From around 7 hours in (its a 9 hour podcast and I listened that far!) there is a inane “I!N!A!N!E!” conversation.  JLB is trying to talk but the Social Conspiracy Warriors aren’t listening.  They think they’re know, and they know better than JLB!  And they want a cuddle and a lolly, NOW!

    The problem as I assess it JLB, is that you had a bunch of newbie millennials chatting about how to empathise with others!  And lining up consecutive attacks on you for trying to bring the conversation back to truth and honesty.  They think you should have been passing around the biscuits and asking them if their moms are managing ok with the CV!

    What the holy f*ck?  What has that got to do with truth?  Or expressing one’s position?  Or trying to develop one’s ideas? Those guys need to find a realology server where they can care and share their way out of each other’s arses.

    The problem is not that they don’t know – that’s fine.  The problem is that they don’t WANT to know because they think they already do! And they are far from humble with it.

      1. YouCanCallMeAl

        That would be a great interview, sad that it won’t happen now.

        However, Ab has done some other great onetoones recently with IPS and Marcus Allen.

        But I disagree as I think it’s great when new people come in, and Ab does his run down of 911 questions with them to see where they are at. Especially good when someone unwittingly stumbles across fakeologist.

        I guess the site can be slow moving sometimes, and maybe if you don’t take the time to understand the culture, it might seem that it’s just a case of standard conspiracy talk with some odd povs. But really it’s about fakeology. You can’t come on for show after show auto believing the stories. In this case JLB was making good points in drawing the newbies attention to their auto-belief. For his effort and his on point deconstruction of the Nova Scotia “attack” he in return was attacked for a lack of empathy. Apparently he was insensitive. Apparently he should have trodden carefully for the sake of these guys feelings rather than instantly dismissing the attack and the Columbine shooting! That way, you can manipulate people into trusting you, and then attack the powers that be.. This was literally the argument!

        Please don’t let fakeologist come to that.

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