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The most powerful man in Ontario

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…is not Doug Ford, Premier.

It’s actually David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Ontario.

He can close schools, close businesses, determine who is essential, who is not – he can control 15 million people and determine if they survive or not in this new dystopia.

He is not elected, and is only accountable to his political masters.

He makes close to half a million dollars a year. Link

Here are a few other Canadian CMOOH Link

This new cabal is subservient to the WHO, the Bill Gates’ funded health magi corporation that must be stopped. The whole world is under Coronavirus hoax hypnosis, and it’s destroying the world’s economies and will rebuild in its image the way the technocrats see fit.

Focus your hate and disdain at this small group. How could a conspiracy this big be pulled off you say?

It’s this small group who is leading all the ignoramus politicians around by the nose by their false Covid religion. It’s with their new god Covid19 that they can circumvent common sense and constitutions indefinitely as they see fit – and they change the rules and torture us Fabian style every single day.

The madness must stop. Target your anger to these people. They are few and they are weak.

Here’s their info:


General Inquiry:
Primary Address:
21st Flr, 393 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2M2
Mailing Address:
21st Flr, 393 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2M2
Dr. David Williams Chief Medical Officer of Health 416-212-3831 dr.david.williams@ontario.ca


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This didn’t take long for the modern day equivalent of spray painting a swastika on a synagogue.

Like many churches and synagogues across Canada, members of the Shaarei Shomayim synagogue in Toronto have been holding daily services via the video conference app Zoom since the COVID-19 outbreak. Rabbi Chaim Strauchler said their prayer services have been held without incident, but that all changed last Sunday night. “Our congregation has been doing [this] since the COVID crisis began. We pray on behalf of doctors and front-line workers, and on behalf of the world. We pray for an ending of this disease

Source: ‘It was traumatic for everyone’: Zoom prayer service hijacked by trolls screaming derogatory slurs | CBC News

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