2 thoughts on “Experts Say Covid Immunity is a HOAX

  1. barbm124

    but it’s not even a lie dear AB. It’s true. You cannot get immunity from a virus because it’s all a hoax. The virus as the immunity thing. Actually I started to be more positive about it all. This one video from Bill end Spouse where they smile politely telling us, they will give us a miracle cure in form of a vaccine soon gives it away. They smile because they know it’s a game and the experiment works fantastically for them. They are not monsters. They playing their part, giving faces to this new big project. What bad so far did happen? Nothing. All the bad news are fake. This experiment just made the spoiled western society a little bit aware how precious and how volatile their status quo actually is. People drive less, produce less waste, consume less, etc. It’s a good thing. We have to wear masks now in shops and public communication but I’m not sure they will make anybody pay if they don’t obey. It’s called officially a law but it’s still merely a suggestion. There’s been many demonstrations in cities in Germany on Saturday which the news conveniently avoid to mention. You can find many videos on Youtube. This videos are not banned. Some of them show some crisis actors being “arrested” despite wearing masks. You can see crowds of people without masks and crowds of policemen only partly in masks. It’s all based on suggestions. Not even the policemen are forced to wear masks on duty. Some people will always obey no matter how silly their orders are. But there are still enough people aware enough not to blindly follow the news. One thing is sure, it demonstrated how powerful the world government actually is.


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