If you thought the Nova Scotia shooting was fiction…

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… then you were right.

It was.

Episode 11 of FBI: Most Wanted.

are a mind game where are you are the played.

The sooner you see that there are no coincidences but scripts, the sooner you will be free from the manufactured Terror.

FBI: Most Wanted’ episode days before N.S. shooting rampage features eerie similarities
In the episode, a man named Gabriel goes on a murderous spree while wearing his police uniform. Whether it influenced Gabriel Wortman may be unknowable


Miles Mathis also agrees this is fake – and good news that the coronavirushoax.icu is winding down. Link

The good news is that to me this means the coronahoax is slowly being phased out, to be replaced by the weekly faked shootings again. We haven’t seen any in a long time, which is strange in itself. I guess all the crazy mass murderers were being good citizens for a couple of months, staying home, social distancing, and stocking up on toilet paper. You would have thought the stress of corona would have made more piggy men go postal, but we saw the opposite phenomenon, with no one playing shoot ’em up for many weeks. Why? I’ll tell you why: all the agents were busy on their coronahoax assignments, and none were spared to manufacture these fake shootings.

Update 4/27:

Here’s another video showing how – guess what? – shared crisis actors/LARPers came to Nova Scotia. The live ones participating in these staged events are LARPers – the rest are .

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1 thought on “If you thought the Nova Scotia shooting was fiction…

  1. willard

    “The sooner you see that there are no coincidences but scripts, the sooner you will be free …”

    You are so right, Ab. I have been at this site since Sandy Hook and your glitchy start with episode #2 . Call it psychic driving, repetion of themes or whatever, but your constant explantion of how these events are scripted, story lines with plot twists, emotionally charged interviews with crisis actors, etc. As well as similar events played out in movies and tv coincident with events over the years has gotten me to the point where I can see right through what they are doing.

    As you said, once you put on you fakeologist glasses, the spell is broken and everything makes sense. Chris Kendall really did a great job of showing examples of movies and tv shows that mirrored events. I think you are right that the intelligence agencies use the best writing talent who are then forwarded to Hollywood.
    William Peter Blatty comes to mind

    In the early days of the Internet, I heard a podcast where the host (who subsequently vanished) had an exhaustive list of “alternative” web sites that were controlled opposition. He said “What the #@%!! do you think the intelligence agencies are doing!!” He said they are not doing the James Bond stuff and wet ops but they use their enormous amount of money and tens of thousands of operatives to control our “world view”.
    The early founders of the OSS and CIA were advertizing guys. And that is all it is.
    You’re right.
    Btw, any details from the Lawton, Ok. report re: CK.?

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