Sex of Lynn revealed!

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Lynn has a great talk with Tim Ozman about the COVID .

Lynn also reveals their sex – you’ll be surprised.

Skip past an hour mark to find out.

Lynn thanks for mentioning fakeology. Lynn also reveals their age at 1:30. Please contact me for an interview – I’d be honored to have such a great talker on this site. Join the discord!

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20 thoughts on “Sex of Lynn revealed!

  1. willard

    Lynn, I believe, is mostly a 69 year old woman; however, I wonder if she ever met Unreal?
    Hey, that’s idea! Ab do an interview with Lynn and have Unreal call in.

    Now that would make for some good fakeology radio listening.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Deft footwork from Tim when the subject of Chris Kendall came up.

    For me, I agree, IPS is one of the best commentators out there, right now. He knows his stuff and has some great incisive thoughts. He’s really good at letting his guests talk too.
    It’s only that he’s previously shown his hand by inserting some real disinformation clangers like ”Jones is Hicks ” and the mask nonsense that it became, obviously, a familiar story. You know, the one about the guru who turned out to be a deceiver.

    But I don’t care. He puts out great audio. You always should read in between the lines anyway, especially in the field of deception!

    I only listened to that having been drawn in by the word sex, I think. It’s powerful.
    Enjoyed it anyway and still managed to miss where Lynne talked about sex.

    1. willard

      Good point about Ozman’s non-response to the Chris Kendall incident. Ozman’s gig on Midnight in the Desert makes me nervous as does his symbollicaly/ atchetypie name OZman.
      Talking to a character like Lynn for 2 hours and 25 minutes does not help his cause any.

      Wait, perhaps Ozman is just an innocent stage name. No, on second thought that doesn’t help either.

      1. smj

        Ips booted me from his discord when I posted jordan maxwell’s show about how his dog cornered a baby t-rex and how he saw pterodactyls flying in formation over lalaland. He said I was ad homineming poor old Jordan.

        I reckon he didn’t know much about maxwell besides the externalization of the hierarchy stuff he interviewed him about.

        That and the whole mad mike affair has me thinking ips may be a bit suspect. There’s no denying he’s interesting though.

        1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

          yeah spoke to him a few years back , felt it was my civic duty to call anyone out for bullshit being a the fakeologist i am , he was collecting for mr painting or photo matt boylans expedition (math powerland ) the guy who wanted to cross braintarctica, or cross the infinite plane
          His particular brand at the time wasnt the beavis and buthead mocking which he has now got down to a straight face and honed ( virtually indistinguishable ) to a normal person , and i do agree that the stories are fun ,
          but he kept saying he was 32nd degree houseclown( mason 911 ) , not sure which cult and being my ignorant self i told him braintarctica( antarctica ) is not an icewall or a place where any old fool could go, and would eventually be used for deception again.

          now if he is a houseclown or a member of the disney club which he kept saying he was nov 2016 . 32nd degree just wait see if he talks 911 ( , the crime bit of 911 is the collapse video all other is hearsay ,( you dont need to defer to any architects or engineers for truth for truth ( 38 foot models )after watching the collapse or listen to experts just ask yourself can 1200foot buildings turn to dust before hitting the ground. No
          funny thing is most of the radio hosts /truthers loved star wars up and until a while back ,but now all the truthers and story tellers that used to talk star wars ,and that is a lot. have removed their almost regular segments on star wars duality ( masonic bullshit) thanks to kubricks kamera am i the new mandela affect

          this is why im skeptical of him BUT i do like the myths being told in modern surroundings and he and lynn got along well which is not easy when folks like us have heard lynn and she is verbose as shit .as you taught me all stories
          did ya see the kerner logo ( kerner was lucas camera co)
          oh and nolans 2nd batman movie baddy is thoth , or set or enki or blah blah blah, kubricks camera was praised lucass too and nolens also

            1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

              oh and ive listened to chris from hoaxbusters last call a few times and the first half he is on fire funny as fuck and fast concise as he mostly was , but the 2nd half of the call felt like he was trying to talk three vampires out of eating him (modern day 7th seal)
              rip max von sydow

        2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

          i treat a lot of what i hear now as a way of synthesizing the stories we all know into reality, most recent being the actor tom hanks being used for the covid19 vaccine he as we all know is used on and off the silver screen , sort of like the monolith in 2001 and millenium hilton, so having a fictional character that transcends screen ( if your gullible that is ) and becomes a flesh and blood fiction that interacts with what a lot of people call the “real world” especially in a cr-isis

          1. smj

            “First, inevitably, the idea, the fantasy, the fairy tale. Then, scientific calculation. Ultimately, fulfillment crowns the dream.”
            -Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

            “This film is not only a visionary tale of our future. It is also unique gem of cinematic history. The film’s visual special effects and zero-gravity trick, invented by director Pavel Klushantsev, inspired Stanley Kubrick to create his sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” and George Lucas to create the pop-culture phenomenon “Star Wars.” Both directors were strongly influenced by the Soviet director’s work – look at that rotating space station and beautifully painted planetary backdrops, for example. And Klushantsev’s purely fictional feature “Planet of Storms,” although heavily re-edited and re-dubbed, was even released in the United States in 1965 under a different name and greatly influenced what was thought possible in moviemaking.
            But what’s most important is the film’s message. Klushantsev started out as a director of scientific and educational films, but his later work was a radical attempt to break free from genre restrictions and reach a wider audience. “Road to the Stars” is not a simple recitation and illustration of scientific facts, but rather a meditation on humanity’s future, enriched by science, solidarity and hard work.”


          1. smj

            I don’t know if Chris is alive or dead. I do know I got him drunk enough to jump into lady bird lake and that he stayed in character the whole time.

            I don’t care to be a false witness to death nor do I care to be a false witness to life.

  3. smj

    So what is lynn? I went to the hour mark and listened but I heard nothing but political intrigue, and that bores me.

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Yeh, it was better when you were on and I didn’t hear it either.

      Lynn reminds me of that guy who used to post stuff here, in tone of voice, anyway..


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