New Normal: Pandemic Police State

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Add another catch phrase to your lexicon.

New Normal

These globalists are organized, disciplined, and on script.

It’s a medical tyranny that’s clearly been planned for years – the soldiers put in place in nexus public health officer positions.

How did they create this network so covertly and efficiently?

Canada’s chief soldier starts at 56:50

Jeff C

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6 thoughts on “New Normal: Pandemic Police State

  1. xileffilex

    Great prescient post from 9 months ago, Ab.
    Now a recent documentary – The New Normal…

    I’m not sure of the source. I found it through the Rachel Elnaugh channel, she mirrored Henna Maria.

    Incidentally, Rachel’s right on top of the hoax – you don’t need to be a scientist in the field to be able to understand the fake science and BS being peddled, to see through it and to grasp the underlying narratives which the MSM won’t go near, like AI The 4IR, Digital central bank currencies and The New Useless Class.

  2. Jack33

    State Farm Insurance was running a tv ad using “the new normal” as early as the last week of March -totally giving themselves away.

    Nevermind the time it would normally take a corporation to hold meetings and decide what to include in a new ad campaign, or the time it normally takes to shoot, edit and narrate a television commercial.

    Even if they were somehow able to accomplish this so fast, how, in late March, could anyone know what the “new normal” would be?
    Does State Farm keep a full-time Virologist on the payroll just in case of times like these?

    No corporation would ever include language like this in a major ad campaign, not unless they were 100% sure it was the case, or they were privy to information ahead of time.

  3. barbm124

    this “police state” was always there, it just didn’t show off. Now it’s making us feel how powerless we are. Actually we have all the power but we’re not willing to use it. We have to wear masks now in Germany, officially in shops and public communication. Shops are private and the owner can ask any customer to wear a mask, which they do because they believe they have to do it. They don’t. There is no such law. As a customer I will hump on one leg if this is the condition to be allowed to buy groceries. I need them and will not try to sue the shop owner because this would be wasting of time not worth it. Public communication companies already announced they expect everybody to wear a mask but they will not expelled anybody without a mask. It is because they are not private and have to stick to the law. THERE IS NO SUCH LAW! Nowhere. Yet still people on the streets in the city wear masks all the time. Some of my friends already complain why am I so against masks. It is such a small price and not a big thing, etc. They submitted themselves as the majority always will.
    You know where I have seen all this masks before? I the latest Watchmen series.

    1. Carys

      Agree @barbm124. “We have all the power but we’re not willing to use it.” The masks reminded me of the supervillain Bane too, the characters from Batman being some of the Nutwork’s most frequent and favoured PsyOp calling-cards. The bat-panic at the start of this circus was an indication of what was to come. ?

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