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Legislature is gelded, nullified – rule by decree

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COVID has crowned a new king – our former Prime Minister.

Even though he has a minority in parliament – meaning he needs co-operation from the “opposition”, he has emergency COVID powers, which means, like a king, he can rule by decree.

The #HRDPAR staged hoax shooting in Nova Scotia is so fresh that no government could react with such lightening speed – unless the legislation was already written and unless the government had given itself dictatorial powers.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has drawn up a list of 11 firearms that he is recommending be banned in Canada and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is now reviewing that list, sources said. Trudeau’s final approval could come as soon as today, the French-language arm of CBC reported.

If enacted, the bans would be imposed through an order-in-council — a cabinet decree — not legislation, sources said. Parliament’s attention is entirely on the pandemic right now. The government could still introduce gun control legislation down the line when the current limits on parliamentary work are lifted.

Source: Federal government could act on gun control as early as Friday: sources | CBC News

What exactly is the rush to pass new gun laws? Since it’s not about a staged hoax, it can only be because all western governments are worried about armed citizens. At least in the USA, citizens were given the right to bear arms to protect them from tyrannical governments, like the ones that have suddenly emerged overnight in wake of COVID.

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MFT016-Alex Loglia on Bill Cooper on the Germ Theory

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From Nov 1993, we find a good show of medium audio quality that was inspired mainly by the AIDS/HIV hoax. AIDS was another creation of Dr. Fauci, and serves as the template of the COVID19 hoax.

If you’re old enough to remember the 70s-80s, you’ll see all the parallels and patterns to coronavirushoax.icu Today’s mega psyop hoax is just updated with tech – and the tech will be used to control and imprison you.

As we get past the origin days of the initial lie – the seed that grows by the day – we need to concentrate on removing the seed or root of this hoax: that is that viri, germs, or microzymes are not and never will be contagious, and are a vital part of our body’s repair system. The idea that they are outside invaders is a war paradigm that must be removed.

Alex Loglia transcript of last hour of audio

Bill Cooper, if he was/is alive today, would be a great voice to hear in these crazy times. His audios are as relevant today as they were then, if not more so.

Sad we don’t have such a rebel spirit that he embodied today, controlled or not.


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Covid and flying pigs dept.

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Not sure if this is a MSM paper or satire, either way I’m sure most can’t discern.

One medic claimed people may be passing the deadly disease on to others through omitting bodily gasses – however experts aren’t so sure.


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