Covid and flying pigs dept.

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Not sure if this is a MSM paper or satire, either way I’m sure most can’t discern.

One medic claimed people may be passing the deadly disease on to others through omitting bodily gasses – however experts aren’t so sure.…

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1 thought on “Covid and flying pigs dept.

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Yes, that’s The Sun newspaper , the U.K’s leading tabloid presenting that ludicrous story. It’s a typical style for them.
    I love the line ”They say the chance of catching Covid-19 through farting is “tiny” ” haha, then why fuckin’ mention it in the first place ? Of course it’s the kind of fodder the Sun readers lap up – something to talk about at tea break. Do you think they’re interested in some boring suit talking crap, nah, but farts is a real conversation starter. It keeps the threat real. It appears the science says there’s a chance you can catch IT from a fart. Slim. But there’s a chance.

    It reminds me of the conversations we used to have with that former deadly virus, AIDS .
    ”Can you catch it from kissing? – Yes, but only if you’ve got a cut in your mouth”.
    Now it’s ”Can you catch COVID from farts ? – Yes, but only if you directly inhale one and you’re extremely unlucky”.


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