MFT016-Alex Loglia on Bill Cooper on the Germ Theory

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From Nov 1993, we find a good show of medium audio quality that was inspired mainly by the /HIV hoax. AIDS was another creation of Dr. Fauci, and serves as the template of the COVID19 hoax.

If you’re old enough to remember the 70s-80s, you’ll see all the parallels and patterns to Today’s mega hoax is just updated with tech – and the tech will be used to control and imprison you.

As we get past the origin days of the initial lie – the seed that grows by the day – we need to concentrate on removing the seed or root of this hoax: that is that viri, germs, or microzymes are not and never will be contagious, and are a vital part of our body’s repair system. The idea that they are outside invaders is a war paradigm that must be removed.

Alex Loglia transcript of last hour of audio

Bill Cooper, if he was/is alive today, would be a great voice to hear in these crazy times. His audios are as relevant today as they were then, if not more so.

Sad we don’t have such a rebel spirit that he embodied today, controlled or not.


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