1 thought on “Go Michigan!

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    whats really saddening is the fact that a lot of them folks could have joined the millitary after 911 as a lot did to protect murica , not knowing that the downfall had already started ,internet conspiracies ooh you see if america didnt give us all the conspiracy and gossip we had for 20 years and this just came out of the blue on sep11 covid day the trust in government was a lot higher then and the patriots didnt use the world wide web so no viruss or scare tactics etc etc , and who helped bring us the medium that is interwebs
    so the wedge of reality started thin as the silver screen took care of the baby and the baby grew so did the gap from reality to the virtual matrix we see today . i mean trump instills confidence thirty years ago he was a chump, a 180 ob1

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