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That didn’t take long.

Censorship from a far away place, wherever the lives.

Please bookmark this ip:

If fakeologist is ever “unresolved”, then you’ll at least have a direct ip – until it’s blacklisted.

13:57 Olga Pakholkiv: Please note that the domain name has been suspended by the Registry Operator. The corresponding Registry Operator manages a database of the corresponding domain names and Namecheap acts as a domain name registrar by providing the domain names to the customers.
14:03 Olga Pakholkiv: As a domain name registrar, we are providing services for domain name registration and management however in this case we have no authority to unsuspend the domain name from our side.
14:04 Olga Pakholkiv: Please contact the Registry by email to learn the details and remove the serverHold status from it.

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