FAC688-Rochello returns

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Ab, Rochello, Misom, new voice Top Notch Energies, Rollie Quaid, TheTruthIam

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1 thought on “FAC688-Rochello returns

  1. John le Bon

    This ‘Top Notch Energies’ character is a breath of fresh air. He was running rings around ‘TruthIam’ and the latter was completely oblivious as to what was going on. Not that TNE was being disrespectful, quite the opposite, but it was crystal clear that TNE was simply on another level to TIA.

    In saying that, their exchange was pleasant to listen to, I find TIA to be a likeable foil so long as he isn’t going on about his feelings, or muddying the conversation with constant ‘everything is half truth’ rhetoric, which means absolutely nothing and only gets in the way of good conversation.

    I can’t comment on the middle part of the call with Misom because I skipped it.

    The first part of the call with Ab was good. Regarding paywalls, no point asking somebody who hasn’t been on a paywall site if they think your site would benefit from one. How would they know? It isn’t until you see the tremendous difference it makes to the quality of conversation that you realise how valuable a paywall is. It keeps out the trash, the losers and the energy sponges, because those people will never pay the entrance fee, and so they are filtered out. Everybody else wins as a result.

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