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Also, don’t trust what the NYTimes says

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Since it’s a well known CIA fed Project Mockingbird operation.

While Fakeologist can’t guarantee results, we can and will talk about disinfo and try and sort out what’s real and what’s not.

We always start out with fake, and work our way up to real. Not the reverse.

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JLB advises Fakeologist

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… to throw out the trash and out up a fence.

What do the patrons and trash alike on this site say?

Do I need to comply with the New Normal and take the temperature of everyone crossing the threshold of truth?

Masks optional.

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FAC690-FART Podcast

Tom-Dalpralike this

With Ab, Exoterick, DaveJ, TomD, Rollo, Farcevalue

Also found at fakeologist.com/b/youtube2, dlive.tv/fakeologist


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FAC689-Return of Fliegenfeurst

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Ab, Geris, ThetruthIam, Fliegenfeurst

a dialogue between dr. battar and dr. shiva and also how fluegen knows a friend who is a mathamatician that is creating an algothrym for mass data mining for the government

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