Need a bigger stick

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Since testing for a phony virus is by derivative phony, the stories around the test kits, another million dollar fraud, will be ridiculous.

Here’s one such story.

0;You just have to change the swab and go through testing again,” he said. Lin said the swabs couldn’t reach far enough into a person’s nose to properly test for the virus.  “So what happened was that their swab is for your mouth. Therefore, it cannot fit all the way up into your nose, and you have to actually go pretty high up in the nose,” the doctor said. “Their swab systems are not able to pick up everything.”

Plenty of 55’s and 9’s to signal numerically that it’s another completely fabricated piece.

Sadly, most Canadians have been convinced that we need everyone tested before it will be safe enough to return to normal. With the new guaranteed income program, most at the bottom are in no rush.

Sometimes I wonder if this has worked too well on the gullible apes. Getting them off their butts may be harder than the controllers think.

Source: Health Canada pauses regulatory approval for COVID-19 rapid test | CBC News

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2 thoughts on “Need a bigger stick

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    well im a gullible ape, but i left the group in 2009( worked out jfk lie) christ 11 years ago,
    you see plattitudes and money are used in conjunction with bullshit
    and knowing theres a group of houseclowns out there trying to spin plates about jfk 911 nasa should wake people up especially if theyve ended up on

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