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  1. barbm124

    exactly ab, but I told you this many times, didn’t I? If you want to test this, try to find a law for something, where there really is a law, for instance the law for speeding, or the law for travel without paying. This laws are easily to find in every country. Then look for a mask law and you won’t find anything. In the comments people ask, if this is voluntary, why can’t we go to work? Because you employer also believes there is a law where there isn’t any. Shop owners think that too and obediently closed their businesses or require masks now. Since the shops are private businesses, they can ask you to wear a mask as they can ask you to jump on one leg before you enter their shops. You don’t have to buy anything there. This obedience was part of this experiment and it worked as you can see. In the entire world.

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