Those are crisis nurses and not in the #emptyhospitals

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One of the main features of is clearing an area. Once the areas were cleared of people that didn’t belong, then the crisis actors and drill commanders could move in to secure the area, much like a movie set.

This lessens the chance of non actors seeing anything. Even if they did, nexus editors could easily ignore them, effectively neutralizing them.

The movie set of the Coronavirushoax is of course the world’s hospitals: all of them.

This is a much bigger scale, but pretty easy to execute.

Just say there’s a deadly virus, and send everyone home.

Therefore no or very few real doctors or nurses are there to witness and testify to empty hospitals, or at least below normal . Certainly no overrun ICUs.

The dancing nurses are there to show that the hospitals are full of personel waiting for patients, and simply distract you from the worldwide FACT that there are no extra ICU pulmonary patients.

In this video, IPS opines that the nurses are likely dancers in nurse costumes. If they were real, why are they wasting precious PPE supplies, and how would they choreograph so quickly? Do they have that much time on their hands? Shouldn’t they stay home and socially distance?

The contradictions are endless in this hoax, and they are there with eyes to see and minds to think.


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4 thoughts on “Those are crisis nurses and not in the #emptyhospitals

  1. barbm124

    it is not allowed to make videos in hospitals. Every video from supposedly a hospital is a fake, made not in a hospital but on a setup. In Germany doctors openly complain now, that they have no patients and nothing to do because as they say, the patients are to scared from Corona to go to a doctor.
    I read more often now that there are no Corona laws and that everything happens voluntarily. I’m saying this from the beginning of the experiment. Yet still people love their masks. They can’t get enough of it. “Command me Lord” no?
    The maybe most remarkable thing in all this is, that nobody questions anything anymore. They say, they have 12345 new Corona cases and nobody asks how many people did they check to get this numbers, what test kits did they use, how reliable are this kits. Nobody asks this obvious questions anymore. It’s like they can invent any number every new day and we have to take it as true. The control of information media have is 100% now. Occasionally some usually retired doctors play controlled opposition but they always contradict themselves to make sure, what they say can’t be taken seriously.

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