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Plandemic movie made by the little man in a suit under a firetruck on 9/11 storyteller

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A controlled op movie already in the works?

Let’s see.


Maybe I don’t have to watch the movie after watching this fantastically fictional 9/11 story from producer Mikki Willis.

It’s probably the most ridiculous 9/11 story I’ve ever heard.

It’s clear we can’t get any honest movies or docs made anymore – everyone is a liar supporting in one way or the other the official story.

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Gates to blow up schools with Cuomo

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I’m not against change – I’m just against it for a phony reason and against the guy who helped orchestrate it receiving all the benefits of the new society with his pre-set corporations.

We know the system is rigged, it’s just when it’s so blatant, greedy and obvious that most Americans should get angry.

He outlined plans to work with the foundation of Microsoft Corp co-founder Gates to improve New York’s education system, which includes the largest public system in the country in New York City, with more than one million students. While he did not provide specifics, Cuomo suggested a fundamental rethink of the classroom was on the table. “The old model of everybody goes and sits in a classroom and the teacher is in front of that classroom, and teaches that class, and you do that all across the city, all

Source: New York to Work With Gates Foundation to ‘Reimagine’ Schools: Governor | U.S. News® | US News

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RFK breaks down the vaccine business

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I am still uncertain about what to think of this “rogue” element of America’s family, but I don’t see much wrong with his expose of the pharma/vax business and its complete integration in forced medication.

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I hope every fine is challenged

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Our Premier says all protestors should find another country and he’ll help pack their bags.

Clearly his self granted emergency powers have gone to his head.

I hope every lawyer gives free services to those going to court to fight their unconstitutional tickets for disobeying emergency suggestions.

Chicago’s mayor is even more insane.

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Destroying freedom of mobility

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You may not think flying is a constitutional right (freedom of movement) , but this is what the Covid19 lie has done to the airlines so far.

Once more, this phony virus has usurped the constitution.

Freedom of movement, mobility rights, or the right to travel is a human rights concept encompassing the right of individuals to travel from place to place within the territory of a country, and to leave the country and return to it. The right includes not only visiting places, but changing the place where the individual resides or works.

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Can we feed the murder wasps Covid19?

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Personally I preferred the “killer bees” from past decades.


Nobody knows how the insects arrived in the United States. But the discoveries set off alarms and the insects began trending on social media as “murder hornets.”

If all the pesticides and glyphosate are killing bees, what makes these wasps so special?

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Going around in circles with COVID19 “tests”

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A discussion with an anonymous epidemiologist shows that he just assumes the test kits work, because they are assumed to work. We had a discussion based on my article that lists 15 sources that all say the COVID19 test kits don’t work: Scientists Say the COVID19 Test Kits Do Not Work, Are Worthless, and Give Impossible Results revealingfraud.com/2020/03/hea…

Source: An epidemiologist reveals circular reasoning is used to support the validity of COVID-19 test kits. – RevealingFraud.com (by Jason Hommel)

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