Plandemic movie made by the little man in a suit under a firetruck on 9/11 storyteller

likes this

A controlled op movie already in the works?

Let’s see.

Maybe I don’t have to watch the movie after watching this fantastically fictional story from producer Mikki Willis.

It’s probably the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard.

It’s clear we can’t get any honest movies or docs made anymore – everyone is a liar supporting in one way or the other the official story.


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7 thoughts on “Plandemic movie made by the little man in a suit under a firetruck on 9/11 storyteller

  1. barbm124

    ain’t that Chris Cornell with a new assignment?
    This guy just popped up out from nowhere, right? They say he’s about 40, but on some pictures he’s gray like over 50. Look at the nose and ears.

    1. ab Post author

      C’mon Barbie you make more sense with your satellite bs. Did you watch this guy’s 9/11 bs story?

      1. barbm124

        Mark (Tokarski) may have decide. When I first saw this picture I was like “black hole sun”. Never mind. As for satellites, nice of you to mention this. I actually watched the Musk’s Starlink satellites several times now. They come very often after sunset or before sunrise. Many of them. Sometimes quite bright but usually not. If you make long exposure pics you’ll get many parallel dashed lines now. Not just only one. Actually I get this satellite-lines very often now. Not only from the Starlink satellites. On the other hand, I haven’t seen them in the last few days. And the sky is very clean. Without any clouds, chemtrails or whatever. Maybe they are somewhere else. There is no clean calculation of the visibility times yet. Not on calcsky, which I’m using. You cold try some astro-photography too ab. Just put the camera with the highest possible ISO and wide angle at the sky after sunset as soon as it becomes dark.

  2. barbm124

    the only “good” mortality numbers would be the common death and birth rate but the statistics are not there yet. And even those are not very reliable. Other then that people die in accidents, because of age or because of to much medicine. There is no epidemic as such. As I said many times, they control the flow of information 100% now. There is no real questioning except as controlled opposition. They invent new numbers every day and nobody asks how did they get this numbers, how many people did they actually check and with what test kits and how reliable are this tests. Nobody asks this obvious questions. There is no competition in the news quality. All is based on what Reuters and such tell the others. There even is no law necessary anymore since people follow voluntarily the media. The chain of command is now controlled by the media alone. Worldwide. And this Corona experiment only improved the efficiency and next time everything will go faster. And there will be next time for sure.

    1. xileffilex

      the only “good” mortality numbers would be the common death and birth rate but the statistics are not there yet.

      Do you mean Germany,Barb? You haven’t commented on the absence of any death spike in Germany, unlike thouse in its neighbours France and Belgium and Denmark [not forgetting EU partner Italy of course]

      It doesn’t take long to annotate Birth, Marriage and Death stats, certainly not in the UK. I you had time, you could even count them page by page in the official paper bound volumes [published annually] and order, at £10 a time, each one of the hundreds of thousands of death entries to peruse the certificate. But nobody is going to be able to do that, so it’s a true black box hoax. If the death rates are massaged, they are being controlled centrally, with malleable officials in each country. But it still doesn’t answer the question why German officials aren’t apparently massaging the TOTAL death stats.

      Naturally, the UK has overtaken Italy, so it is said. in Covid deaths, but hey, this is the global psy-op central, located in London.

  3. barbm124

    well the Corona hoax was like world wide. I guess Roland Emmerich will have to make it into a movie. Is this guy reading from a script or inventing the script as he’s speaking? The most of it was already contained in all those 911 movies. So it shouldn’t be so hard to compose such script on the run. But on the other hand, he speaks very fluently, obviously knowing very well what, in what order and how to express all the necessary emotions. I bet he practiced this many times.

    1. xileffilex

      Barb – the ‘world wide’ corona hoax was variable to say the least. Are there any good numerical mortality data for Germany, perhaps Land by Land, where there appears to be NO epidemic of deaths if one reads the Euromomo graphs?


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