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Of course there’s Germ theory denialism (GTD)

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If you don’t go with the flow, you’re a denier.

Are you a hoax denier?

Germ theory denialism (GTD) is as old as germ theory itself – beginning with the rivalry of Pasteur and Béchamp. Pasteur’s work in preventing beverage contamination led him to discover that it was due to microorganisms and led him to become the first scientist to prove the validity of the theory and to popularize it in Europe.


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On the verge…

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….more conspiracy candy to confirm in your mind that viri are dangerous and need to be inoculated against.

This is likely one of many sim scientists that will disappear or die to keep the narrative going.

If Youcantcatchavirus.com, then you don’t need a vaccine.

All the stories fall apart of you destroy the root. The tree falls over.

A professor working on coronavirus research was found shot dead Saturday inside a home in Pittsburgh, Pa., according to news reports.


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For every bug, a drug

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Blowing up the germ theory, again.

If people can educate themselves on the nature of microzyma, then they can free their minds from the self imposed shackles of lock down.

Germs are scavengers, not predators.

Psyops + Germ Theory Religion+5G surveillance = New State of total control

E. Douglas Hume – Bechamp or Pasteur

More books

Nancy Appleton – Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory: How to Maintain Your Optimal Health

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