For every bug, a drug

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Blowing up the germ theory, again.

If people can educate themselves on the nature of microzyma, then they can free their minds from the self imposed shackles of lock down.

Germs are scavengers, not predators.

Psyops + Germ Theory Religion+5G surveillance = New State of total control

E. Douglas Hume – Bechamp or Pasteur

More books

Nancy Appleton – Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory: How to Maintain Your Optimal Health

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3 thoughts on “For every bug, a drug

  1. barbm124

    Actually Stefan Lanka said already what’s need to be understood. After they reduced the requirements for pathogen isolation to have something which causes “similar” symptoms, all they needed was something which makes people generally sick and this is what they base their “medicine” on, it doesn’t matter if in form of vaccines or piles. This “similar symptoms” angle became the basis of all their methods. They don’t look for pathogens anymore as such. They can invent a new pathogen any time by reclassifying some common symptoms as they did with Corona. Then they take some old medicine, like this from Aids or Ebola, or Sars or whatever and reuse it because it already causes this symptoms they now reclassified as a new virus or disease or whatever. If they want a new vaccine, they only need something which causes this symptoms. The general idea is always: if this “medicine” causes similar symptoms as the pathogen does it will make you stronger against the pathogen if you take it in advance. This is the same old poison-antidote idea. They rarely make new vaccines now, because people are more and more opposed to it and they have the same effect with the old Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) or Remdesivir or Ritonavir. That’s why there was no vaccine against SARS and there won’t be any new vaccine against Corona. No need for this.

    1. ab Post author

      This time I think they’ll create a fake vaccine. The administering and cataloging the cattle is this fake virus’ main purpose.

      1. barbm124

        well ab, this may of course happen, but I don’t think so. For starters the threat of a mandatory vaccine is a fake one. In Germany they were supposed to make the measles vaccine mandatory in March, Corona stopped them. Now nobody talks about it. Why? Because of Corona? this is an independent sickness, no? It’s always just talking. There is no law forcing anybody to wear a mask. It would be absurd. It’s just a suggestion. The same applies for vaccines in some countries. Nobody can be forced to be vaccinated against his will. Not in Germany and not in other countries. This will never become a law. It’s just people think there is a law and many go for their jabs. Those who don’t may get ostracised in their community but can’t be sentenced to anything. IMO. There also is a practical reason why they don’t develop any new vaccines. The labs do their best, stick to protocols, etc. They can’t reuse the old stuff, they have to develop something new and it is complicated. It has to cause similar symptoms but not to many. It’s expensive too and involves many people which have to take it for real. The German company Biontech, which Bill Gates created here last year, works supposedly with cancer cells on it but it sounds to me like an excusion to do something. They have to pretend to “work on a vaccine” and involved people must think they do it for real. Also they can’t use animals anymore or not that easy. Developing vaccines became a pain in the ass for the labs. My guess is, they will “find out”, some older vaccine works also for Corona but they won’t have enough of it or something and it will stay voluntary or even only available for some risk groups. It’s like this talking that every year you have to take a new flu shot, some do but in reality the majority doesn’t and everybody is happy about it. Because if everybody would take the shot to many would get sick. If they make a vaccine mandatory it would be a one time joke. They couldn’t use the same sickness anymore. That’s why measles vaccine never was mandatory. That’s also why they only talk about slowing down the spread of Corona. That way they never win and can do it again.


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