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The magic virus can do anything

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Something as mundane as bypassing/fastracking approval for more incineration is all made possible by an emergency measures act.

These days are Christmas for all organizations. Anything they wanted done can be done immediately in the name of the Covid. They will all be announced as temporary and end up being permanent. This is how democracies cheat every so often by becoming dictatorships in emergencies. They would probably love it if Christmas came every year. Maybe it will.

Since 2019, the Regional Municipalities of Durham and York have been seeking provincial approval to increase the limit from 140,000 tonnes a year to 160,000 tonnes annually at the Courtice incinerator.


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Is that Mr. Premier or Mr. Hypocrite?

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Our “leaders” are having a hard time following their own Gatesnotes insane orders.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford visited his cottage on Easter Sunday to check on the plumbing but didn’t interact with anyone on the drive up, his office confirms.

Ontario premier visited his cottage on Easter Sunday despite telling people to stay home beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/…

Chicago Mayor Lighthead is having similar hypocrite moments.

The controllers must be laughing at how the proles are scurrying around attacking each other.

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The pawpaws are Covid paw-sitive

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It’s not that I believe the president of Tanzania any more than Trump, but it does point out that the Covid tests (there are at least 5 different types) are completely fraudulent and literally prove nothing.


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