The pawpaws are Covid paw-sitive

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It’s not that I believe the president of Tanzania any more than Trump, but it does point out that the Covid tests (there are at least 5 different types) are completely fraudulent and literally prove nothing.


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4 thoughts on “The pawpaws are Covid paw-sitive

  1. simonshack

    Dea Ab, in my honest opinion, the president of Tanzania is a smart fellow – whereas Trump is nothing but a clownish puppet. Please listen to this hilarious TV broadcast which features an uppish and toffee-nosed human rights activist (Mrs. Fatma Karume) who tries to accuse Tanzania’s president of “unscientific” misbehaviour… Enjoy!…

      1. antipodean

        ‘Her legal career began in 1992 where she attended the University of Sussex, at which she received a Bachelor of Law (LL.B).
        In 1994, Karume was admitted to the Bar in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.
        Later in 1997, she received her LL.M at the London School of Economics (LSE). Then that following year in Middle Temple, London, she received the Degree of the Utter Bar.”

        Nuff said


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