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  1. xileffilex

    Excellent chat.
    There does appear to be a very large number of nurses and doctors at work in Mount Sinai, New York…but whether they have been called in specially for their thankyou presents, I have no idea.

    Brian’s right to have been suspicious of the Chinese reporting – but one of the major vehicles to bring this “pandemic” to the attention of the “west” was the cynical use of cruise ships, which I need to research further and put together in the blog.
    The Princess line seemed to be the one where people were “dying”. I guess deaths on cruise ships are probably not unknown, but not in those alleged quantities.
    7, 14 and 21 dead in the three Princess ship, lol!
    Nice idea to have the major hoax ship moored off Japan i.e. near China…. [not that Japan seemed to have too much truck with Coronavirus]

    It’s the easiest thing on earth for the state to say x people have died of any cause in any day, week or month. I don’t trust them one iota.

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