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Sharpstuff is on the tip of the spear when it comes to figuring out the nature of illness. via Clues


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Firstly, the definitions (from Cambridge Dictionaries) :


Adjective: especially of a disease or a condition, regularly found and very common among a particular group or in a particular area.


Noun: the appearance of a particular disease in a large number of people at the same time.


Adjective: (of a disease) existing in almost all of an area or in almost all of a group of people, animals, or plants.

In all, the bad, the worse and the worst.


Noun: a combination of medical problems that shows the existence of a particular disease or mental condition

It appears, then, that all these terms are related to ‘diseases’ of some kind.


Noun: (an) illness of people, animals, plants, etc., caused by infection or a failure of health rather than by an accident.


Noun: a disease in a part of your body that is caused by bacteria or a virus.


Noun: a disease of the body or mind.

Without the circulatory definitions, I discover that such a ‘standard’ definition (I will accept an alternative) as ‘disease’ could well be a ‘failure of health rather than by accident.’

So far as I can interpret or ‘see’, there is really no notion that precludes the observation that (and have as further studies subjected to my mind have shown, that it is really ‘health’ that is the most important factor to preclude the ‘disease/s’ with which we are assumed to believe are true due to other factors other than attempting, as far as possible, to attend our well-being.

The terrain is everything for all species which we call ‘alive’ and so far as we ‘allow’ its health, it will continue to sustain us. Peter K. Sharpen *

The notion that there are ‘pathogens’ (describe them how you will) exist to ‘cause’ ‘disease’, is therefore redundant. Nature does not attempt to kill itself! Why would it? ‘Kill’ is a deliberate attempt to destroy (another ‘war’ word linked to ‘kill’**). Nature does not ‘kill’, it only transforms one ‘thing’ into something else. Nature does not have ‘emotions’. Nature does what it does, end of story. Whatever we might consider as ‘pathogens’ are not part of the nature of the ‘universe’ (about which we can only conjecture).
Out on a limb, how can we ever believe that so-called ‘benevolent’ gods or icons could or would allow such a thing in a positive sense? This notion attributes to them the ‘human’ purposes/emotions with which they would then allow the sanctions of these so-called entities to bring about the digital universe with which they invent, as they say to ‘divide and conquer’. This notion applies to all so-called ‘positives’ and ‘negatives’ of any description and the events/transformations between which nothing can be measured in natural terms. ‘Instants’ would be impossible to measure on any scale available to Man or anyone else. Nature is a continuous process without stopping or starting; how could you measure this?
Beliefs in deities (whether religious or alleged ‘voted for’) resides within the ‘believer’; they have no importance (except punishment of some kind for dissent) to others who have no such beliefs. If these beliefs are pertinent to the believer, then that is fine as they do not affect others except for similar beliefs but to impose this upon others via some ‘retribution’ or other is counter to the beneficial belief in these deities.
It is the imposition of all these fanciful notions of ‘germs’ or ‘diseases’, ‘democracies’, ‘politics’, ‘government’, betting on ‘stocks’ (which apparently run the World of Insanity (W.O.I.) and of which I have no interest)) and most-else that is ‘main-stream’ that gets my gall rising.

In short and in my view (and my continued health into my later seventies) is that, despite my lack of real teeth (mainly due to dentistry), an eye which has always caused problems within the family and is now vacant of sight, I am hopefully compos mentis and able to write this with due passion as to my hope for a future humanity devoid of CONTROL by others who claim a ‘right’ to my existence. We live in hope!

Therefore, I submit, that the notion that ‘epidemics’ or ‘pandemics’ are ‘endemic’ and merely a means of control, whoever perpetrates this anti-human or anti-natural behaviour.

May they replete with their insane menus and suffer accordingly if ever they can be found out by those they wish to control. Again, we live in hope.

Frankly, my main concern about this whole Corona farce is the implementation of so-called ‘social distancing’ and how far they can go before civil unrest, if that were possible.

* The Importance of Good Terrain:…

** The War words of medicine:… … -medicine/

Ever the belligerent,

Sharpstuff (a.k.a. Sharpspeake)

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