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MFT017-DrTim on Corona

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This new Masterfake Theater is a compilation of the audios listed here.

It may be the most important and relevant audio in the series for the day’s events.


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Local fake stories continue

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So glad to see someone else is awake. I too doubt any extreme story coinciding with a Canada wide campaign starting for just this behaviour. 308(11) and 19 are hoax codes too.

Even if it is capable of those speeds, I doubt the Taurus the police drive can do well in excess of 300 to catch up to make the collar. It’s a fake story. I don’t buy it for a second. Was it’s moving. Probably. But 300+? No way!! That’s a faulty reading.


More coinciding phony corona numbers.

Ontario reported 308 additional cases of COVID-19 on Monday, the third straight day that the growth rate in new cases has been below 2 per cent.

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