4 thoughts on “Only Americans will stand up to tyranny

  1. barbm124

    well ab, the Germans did that a few weeks ago when there were protests against the fake mask law in many bigger cities. We don’t have such beautiful beaches, if we had, we would have use them for sure. It proves that all this happens voluntarily. The police, if it was real police in the first place, did nothing, right? In Germany they “arrested” some shills for media purposes but released them soon after. Otherwise they would have to fake the trials and it is obviously not worth it. People just didn’t realize that it’s just the news who make them stay at homes and wear masks. There is no law for this. Such law would discredit every law system.

  2. ricky

    Good comment Ron, I’d say all fakeologists are having similar thoughts. It brought to my mind an old Leon Russell song, “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

  3. Ron Freeman

    Maybe I can wear my California T-shirt again with some kind of F—ing pride, thanks Ab. California is getting hit hard. Scroll down here www.multistate.us/pages/covid-… to RATINGS — CA was 10 today May 10/2020. I’m 15 in IL / Vaccines are what worry me, how insidious, I don’t have children, got tricked out of that really — but if I did how would I keep them from being vaccinated by these evil bastards? … Then there’s all these unquestioning go-along with everything buffoon everywhere now?! I never realized there were so many stupid people in the world until now. This really divides us from the Nazis to the — others — what are they going to call us? I can’t believe this is happening at least the Jews had a f—ing network, an identity, each other. I only have about one other person right now who gets this! A few I meet here and there but not enough to create much bonding yet. Being alone is hard in these times or ever and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there feeling like me that they are all of a sudden in some strange unfriendly world of strange beings, heartless, soulless beings walking around in a trance with masks on waiting for the next order from their overlords.

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