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Noagenda made a special page in case you want to inform your mask wearing friends.

Since this aired CDC (Fauci does not work there) has updated their recommendations, which do NOT include wearing a mask when outdoors or in your car alone:
“CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”


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The real reason for the 6 feet apart

Be the 1st to vote.

One of the nonsense COVAIDs rules is to stay 6 feet apart. Even though 6 feet isn’t what I consider a magic/occult number, there must be a reason why they’ve chosen what appears to be an arbitrary number.

The caller on the call below at 47:00 mentions the reason for the minimum 6 feet is for the upcoming 5G control grid.

If you’re too close, your bluetooth/rfid/gps signal may interfere with the guy next to you.

In order to clearly identify everyone’s exact location (down to the foot), it’s important to keep apart to allow the network to clearly ID you.

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