Daily Archives: May 12, 2020

Pay with your face

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The real reason for social distance slave training is to help the surveillance network find you, ID you, track you, and ultimately get you.

It’s working in China, and will come to a democracy near you as you beg for its protection from the mythical Covid virus.

I’m more certain than ever that past and future viri, outbreaks and pandemics are cover stories for poisoning and societal transitions.

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Hospital tents are props

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Since it’s hard to get into the empty hospitals, the tents out front are to indicate same for drive bys. It’s atrocity propaganda.

If anyone is in line at the tents, they’re likely inside staff or crisis actors.

Cherry Health CEO: Staff Members STAGED Fake COVID-19 Testing Line, State Lawmaker Demands Governor Act


Blow up Decoy tanks used to intimidate flyover enemy


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