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Trump isn’t on our side

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He never could be – you’re always beholden to your funders.


He’s starting the new Vax army.

Most Americans get a flu vaccine every year at their local store or clinic, but President Trump says he needs the US military to vaccinate most Americans by the end of the year – (with a vaccine that is unlikely to actually exist in that time frame.) The US is not some third world country which requires the military to distribute anything. We have extremely efficient commercial distribution systems which operate every day. This was a very strange thing for the President to say, and needs to clarify to keep his base from collapsing. That is why I am posting this video.

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Mark is going for a walk, unmasked

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Mark and I will have to do an audio soon – he’s one of the few that really understands psyOps and hoaxes.

There is no “Covid-19” virus. If there were, given all the resources available for testing and stimulus, funds would have been made available for some nerdy researcher to isolate and purify It. That has not been done. There cannot possibly be valid antibody tests, as there is, again  no virus.

The RT-PCR test, most widely used to identify people who have the virus, does no such thing, as there is no virus. It does, however, light up an RNA sequence, one that exists in many if not all of us. Because the machine is so inaccurate, its results are mostly false positives. There are no “false negatives,” as there is no “Covid-19. There is an exact correlation between positive test results and number of tests done. This only tells us that tests are being done, but nothing about disease.

Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR machine, most likely under duress, faked his death last August. He was a vocal opponent of use of his invention to identify carriers of HIV. Prior to this long-planned pandemic, it was understood he had to leave the scene by one means or another. They tell us he died of pneumonia, a sick joke.

Viruses do not cause disease. We are still in the medical Dark Ages. No one has ever explained how “HIV” causes AIDS, because they can’t. It doesn’t. The black and gloomy propaganda around disease is merely a ticket for the vast medical cartel around us to pick our pockets, keep us in fear, and kill us with their potions. People suffer from what I call “presentism,” the idea that we live in enlightened times. Nothing could be further from truth. Doctors can treat woulds and broken limbs. They know nothing about disease. Avoid them.

Face masks and social distancing are mass-persuasion marketing tools used to convince people that there really is a virus. The degree of success is alarming, telling us how suggestible most people are. Schooling, no matter the level, never taught them to think properly, to be skeptical, to distrust “experts” and authority figures. They are their own enemies, afraid and useless. I hold hem in contempt, except my immediate family, of course.

Governments are eunuchs. The Wisconsin Supreme Court decision is the first act of any officials I have seen to overrule the medical cartel that has destroyed our lives and freedoms. It will be short lived, I fear.  I suspect, because that is where WHO is centered, that the cabal that is running this charade is centered in Geneva, Switzerland. When our Colorado governor, who appears to be an actor and a man of low character and intelligence, Jared Polis, “orders” us to stay home, he has been ordered by other forces to do so, probably from a desk in Geneva with a sign on it that says “Western US.” He has neither the intelligence nor authority to issue such commands. But police will carry out his orders because people are afraid, disorganized, and unable to resist.

We are a disgrace. My wife and I are going hiking today, and will violate every order, ignore every edict while out and about. If challenged, I will demand that before any penalty is handed down, that I be shown proof of the existence of the virus. Because I know they cannot do that, it is only the utter corruption of our system of government that will make it stick. I am Diogenes. I want to meet an honest man. Has humanity always been so corrupt? Well, look at the time that he lived, and judge.

We have devolved into a gooey mess of liars, charlatans, and blind followers. It is a whackadoo planet. I cannot wait, sometimes, to move on.

Enjoy your day. Resist, disobey, never wear a mask. Be alive.

Source: What I have learned thus far – Piece of Mindful

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America is so much better than China, right?

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China may have better roads, cities, hospitals, jobs, quality of life, but they’re not free.

Not free like in America, right?

Good question for Michigan Gov. Whitmer, right?

Covid has proven the case.

The genius of America’s totalitarian system of government is that it is not totally total, and sometimes not very totalitarian at all. It is just total enough.


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The treasonous NWO Gates army

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They are all part of the treasonous NWO Gates WHO. They are agents planted in plain sight and paid for by you. They are medical frauds and need to be deported to a far away place permanently. Focus your attention on the real enemy.

All public health officials in major North American centers are getting these outrageous salaries. Let’s remove them all and save money.

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Could this be the reason for Coronavirushoax2020?

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Interesting take on things.

Thanks Miles for your latest paper on the Corona heist and thank you Josh and members of this forum. Here´s an idea I have been toying with, oversimplified: A “civil” war, yes. Perhaps. Could it be between (what we can call, for argument´s sake) the bankers and the eugenicists? (Not mutually exclusive of course.) The banking model is debt enslavement. National sovereignty is merely a facade. The nations of the world are now corporate entities and indebted to the money lenders. The collateral for that debt is the labour of its productive class, enforced through taxation and maritime law. As the banking empire seeks to consolidate its grip on the entire world, it crashes the world economy then buys up the spoils. The collateral for the next iteration is the world´s human capital, securitized through a global digital ID system, possibly involving nanotechnology or any form of tracking. This is merely an extension of the “birth certificate, social security number etc. The threat of an epidemic is the cover story. The notion of culling that base as part of a eugenics agenda is antithetical to the business model, but a view held by the lending class in spite of themselves. The language of technocracy and its feigned altruism really only makes sense when viewed through the lens of the banking business model. It is devoid of any coherent claim on morality, yet is presumed to be the neutral, objective world view that will define the future. The usurious system is inherently flawed, but they wont give it up. Its in their DNA you might say.

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