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FAC698-FART Corona

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Herose offers a solution to wearing a mask covidiots.

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What happened to smallpox?

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Good sanitation, nutrition, and clean water.

Not vaccines.

@Maarten, for what it’s worth, I’d like to add a few (respectful) thoughts to the discussion of your questions. Bear with me up front, then I’ll give my direct answers.

First, I think Fauxlex makes a fair point. It’s not incumbent on germ theory skeptics or vaccine skeptics or to provide alternative explanations for how smallpox was eradicated.

Second, I want to echo something that Patrick said… maybe some of what we think we know about smallpox just ain’t so.

(We should keep in mind that “the story” of the smallpox vaccine is one of THE founding myths of modern medicine. As such it is central to an entire web of profiteering propaganda, and therefore is suspect.

Modern medicine is one of the biggest, most powerful, and most profitable industries in the history of the world.

Given how much money and power is at stake, I do NOT believe that we can take the conventional wisdom about smallpox eradication at face value.

As a current example of modern medicine’s narrative control, more than 100,000 Americans die each year from correctly prescribed pharmaceuticals. But because the pharma industry is THE single largest advertiser across all news media, these pharma deaths receive almost no news coverage. In my opinion, modern medicine’s impressive narrative control extends to the historical narrative as well.)

Patrick mentioned that technology and logistics meant that not even 10% of the global population would have been vaccinated against smallpox before it was officially declared eradicated around 1980. I found that interesting. And my guess, although I don’t know for sure, is that none of the historical narrative deals with that fact honestly and head on. Rather than being explained, I suspect it is just ignored by the promoters of the vaccine narrative.

Now, third, here are a few thoughts about your specific questions:

While India and much of the developed world has relatively poor sanitation, it is much improved over the past century. Sure, some people live in squalor by the side of the road, but doctors know to wash their hands, there are water treatment plants, sewage is not running through the streets, food is refrigerated, etc.

Nutrition is another biggie. The world population, especially the developing world population, suffers from FAR less malnutrition in recent decades than it did 40 years ago and earlier. This is another reason, OTHER than “the success of the smallpox vaccine” why India does not have a smallpox problem.

Also, diseases like smallpox may have been more problematic in earlier times when populations were more isolated from one another. There’s the story of the Native Americans getting European diseases to which they’d never previously been exposed. Ancient Rome may have suffered as new germs were brought from the hinterlands. While today in a more connected and more populous world, immunity develops more globally. (I realize that what I’m saying here DOES support the germ theory, which is really what you were talking about, but I think this point weakens the vaccine theory that “we eliminated smallpox with vaccines.”)

Finally, one point I encountered recently from some “alternative” source, is that people getting ill at the same time and the same place is not in and of itself proof of the germ theory. The author was espousing the disease-as-toxin-shedding and/or the disease-as-the-body-forcing-you-to-bed-to-enable-rest-and-recovery theory, and pointed out that certain seasons, weather, and other conditions might cause many people to show the same symptoms in the same places at the same times. He also pointed out that people’s bodies do communicate with one another, via touch, proximity, good bacteria, hormones, etc. so symptoms could “spread” without being evidence of invasion by infectious particles. As in female roommates noticing that their menstrual cycles become synced within a few months of living together.

Comment on Common sense versus religion by Charlie Marr pieceofmindful.com/2020/05/05/…

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Calcified Lies discusses coronavirushoax

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Steve, who considers this site controlled opposition because of our stand on no one dies no one got hurt, is himself likely controlled opposition. That said, I do enjoy his perspective on many of our favorite topics.

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