Fuck Google and monopolies

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Update 5/20:App is back in store.

This is what you get with monopolies. They are beholden to the government, who are owned by the oligarchs.

A real government would break up the oligopolies – we haven’t seen those days for decades.

My favorite podcast app – the most popular on Android – Podcast Addict has been booted from the store for allowing you to download any podcast – including one that says unofficial things about COVID – or as we know it here – Coronavirushoax2020.

It’s a bid of a blow to the developer, but in this brave new Covid world – it just requires a bit of effort to work around the big boys and their rules.

I suspect so much of life will be living outside the box. Teaching survival skills to your family will be the 0;new normal” – a phrase I hate.

Search for FDroid and other apps and read this reddit thread while you can to see reaction to this latest form of censorship.

Podcast Addict: "Google has just suspended Podcast Addict again. This time for having Podcasts about Covid 19… Are you for real Google. Can you please check your own Google Podcast App, your search engine,Youtube, … first" from Android

Google has just suspended Podcast Addict again. This time for having Podcasts about Covid 19… Are you for real Google. Can you please check your own Google Podcast App, your search engine,Youtube, … first”

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4 thoughts on “Fuck Google and monopolies

  1. John le Bon

    Mailing lists are indeed an excellent tool for those of us with ideas and information to share. I’ve been promoting the hell out of my mailing list and I hope that Ab the Fakeologist, Mark from PoM, and all other good content creators and disseminators in our corner of the internet will do likewise, and promote the hell out of their own lists.

    You can download your mailing list info in table form to your hard drive and then, even if your mailing list provider cancels your account, you still have all of the important info i.e. the emails of the people who want to stay in touch with your work. It is the least censorable method for mass information sharing on the internet today, as far as I am aware.

    One of the best things about Tim Ozman aka IPS is that he has been showing just how easy it is to circumvent censorship if you really want to do so. For example, last night he streamed his latest covid1984 presentation via Zoom. Those who paid the $10 entrance fee were emailed the Zoom link. Even if Zoom banned him tomorrow, he could come back with a new account; even if Zoom could somehow permaban him, he could do the exact same thing with skype, discord, and myriad other similar tools.

    This is the beauty of email: now that there are countless video sharing and hosting sites, all a content creator needs to do is email the list / subscribers the new location for new material. It is that simple.

    There’s no point worrying (much less complaining) about censorship. The strong and intelligent adapt, the weak and stupid perish, this is how it has always been, this is how it will probably always be. Now is a tremendous time for the strong and the intelligent, and for those who enjoy a challenge.

    The wheat is being sorted from the chaff — and I, for one, say good. The ACT realm (alternative / conspiracy / truth) is bloated with excessive levels of chaff, and we all know it. Victim mentality types, crabs in a bucket types, not to mention an ungodly number of energy sponges, figure eights, and lifetime losers.

    Enough is enough. This is filter season, folks, and anybody who wants to evade the filter can do so. Who is up for the challenge, and who would instead prefer to sit around and points fingers at supposed foes?

  2. ricky

    I see that as the logical progression to where society is headed, I’m actually a bit surprised that some vids and sites are still up. Our only “hope” such as it is, is that there is still such a small minority of people frequenting them that they don’t bother to shut them down. What a conundrum, rooting for our situation to be so bad as to preserve our diminishing outlets for honest self-expression.

  3. tokarski

    You know as well as I that you and I could be Gone tomorrow. imhave a post I am putting up tomorrow meant to be my last. i don’t want it to be that, but see the writing on the wall.

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