New slave training

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Satellite Barb has a good comment on yet another reason for Coronavirushoax.

Third world immigrant training. Not crowding and taking my personal space has always been a pet peeve of mine. 6 feet is excessive but works well for the surveillance cameras.

People are reminded now of washing their hands, etc. which probably was necessary for all the refugees from the third world countries. They did the same with us after the war to teach people about proper hygiene. Also this staying at home, not working and still getting money is maybe some preparation for some form of unconditioned basic income. They keep talking about it and it will come.…

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1 thought on “New slave training

  1. barbm124

    Hi ab.. I mean Fako (lol), we’ve been in Turkey (the Republic) last year and I watched their TV and they have this shows where a team competes in cleaning dirty kitchens or bathrooms. First they show a really dirty bathroom, then the team demonstrates what kind of chemicals they take for the different appliances and then they show how to use everything and make it all clean. A TV-show similar to “Fixer Upper”. We haven’t been in Turkey for like 15 years and back then (15 years ago) Antalya (a tourist city) was like today’s Cairo. Lots of Arabic people on the streets, old, dirty houses, dirty streets, etc. All this is gone now, the city looks no different to say Frankfurt except, there are no skyscrapers. Old houses replaced by modern blocks, they even had e-bike stands. No Arabic people on the streets. I haven’t seen one person in Arabic clothes there. So they moved all this people to their new flats, etc. but they still have to learn how to keep them clean and maintained. That’s why they make this TV-shows. I still can’t believe how fast they changed Turkey from middle age to modern.

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