4 thoughts on “FAC700-Ersatz Conundrum

  1. Tom Dalpra

    Interesting appearance from Ersatz. I found him less-assured in tone compared to the AA Morris voice, but they could possibly be from the same team considering what he said.
    ”John Adams and his amazing experiment where he took a real event and subjected it to scrutiny…it was incredibly brave and ended up fucking him over.”
    Ha! Is that what you really think happened there, Ersatz? I don’t think that makes you look very clued-in, at all.
    Wasn’t that the event where Adams outed himself as some kind of agent by planting that story and then acting very strangely before being apparently pussy-whipped by his feisty latin Mrs into leaving the internet ?
    It was quite an interesting little event. Another agent came in ranting and it seemed clear the whole charade was a pincer movement designed to confuse and divide opinion in this tiny corner of the internet. We had the same thing when Kendall’s death was announced. We’d seen it before.

    1. dirtybenny

      Right on, Tom. That is a bizarre distorted characterization of the Adams event. He also brings this up out of nowhere in the middle of a gematria discussion. Total non-sequitur which seemed scripted.

      Brings up an URGENT issue…the need for Fakeologist.com to host the Hoaxbusters material?

      Doesn’t sound like a Maryland accent to me, but rather Long Island, NY, as Ab picked up on. A coastal accent….shared by New Orleans, NY, Baltimore? Why not Boston and Philly as well? they are all the same. You know, we all have heard that typical “coastal accent” in the States.

      The vocal tics, right? seem nearly identical,y’know to the y’know, AA Morris character, right? Along with the stuttering tic…. and,and,and…OK? OK?

      “I do not believe in Elite Gender Inversion” while never being asked about it….actively mischaracterizing the ruling androgynes as “lots of sleeper cocks in society”.

      Ersatz as a moniker, translates to substitute. Conundrum, lesser definition. “a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun”

      Wants to “fly solo” on Fakeologist…….hmmm…wonder who did endless monologues in the past….


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