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From SimWars to Elmhurst in Corona, NY

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From simulation in 2019 to simulation in 2020, you only have to change the date and add the media to make it real.

Starring Colleen Smith

A Simulated Mass Casualty Incident Triage Exercise: SimWars | MedEdPORTAL


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Dangers of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquin

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Trump throws around hc as a cure all in his usual crude way. What exactly is the drug? David explains.

The Infectious Myth – Dangers of Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine with Remington Nevin

2020-04-28 by Progressive Radio Network

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Remington Nevin is an MD and expert on the quinoline family of drugs, best known for their use against malaria. He has been interviewed here before, on the subject of mefloquine, which is believed to have caused severe neurologic damage, especially in soldiers who were forced to take it even after experiencing adverse effects. Similar effects are also found with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. The latter is often used for rheumatoid arthritis, and doctors there say that it is remarkably free of side effects. They forget, however, that a lot of patients stop taking it quite quickly after starting, probably because they are the sub-group that is vulnerable to side effects. Given that high doses are being used for COVID-19, and on elderly, infirm people, one can expect significant problems with side effects. You can find out more of the work of Dr Nevin on his Quinism Foundation website: quinism.org

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The Covid testing is a meaningless disaster

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Almost no one digs into the Coronavirushoax testing methods and who’s analysing it. David does, and he finds a completely useless process that tells us next to nothing.

The Infectious Myth – COVID-19 Antibody Tests

2020-05-12 by Progressive Radio Network

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David goes through his recent research on antibody tests and shows that they are as much a mess as RT-PCR testing for infection, maybe more. Important data needed to validate the meaning of antibodies is missing, it is randomly chosen from patients rather than from following one person, or it directly contradicts dogmas about how antibodies work. A written version can be found here: theinfectiousmyth.com/coronavi…

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